05/13/23 - updates

lately i've been busy with a project i have not been posting much about. this is why the artwork has slowed to a trickle. the project is building a site to host lots of big files. right now i am working on the code that manages large downloads so i can back it up easily since that takes a while and needs to be automated. additionally, about 1 month ago my roommate kicked me out of my work space and i dont have a big desk to draw on anymore, so i have been confined to a dark room for the past two months, not really doing much besides sleeping, coding, talking with people over voice chat so i don't lose my mind, and art. the art is difficult. whenever i do art or work on commissions i try to get out of the dark apartment and find some coffee place that is ok with people chilling there for half a day and working in a corner. it makes me wish we had some equivalent to manga cafe's here, but we both know why new york does not have that.

in javascript, there is a thing called scope. when you are writing code to tell the program to do small, specific things, that is a narrow scope, like inside functions and blocks. when you move to the left, you are entering the broader scope, the outer area where the larger flow of the program, where all of the big main functions are stored, and where you have a better idea of what is going on, where things are going, how things are moving and whatnot. it's important to make sure not to pollute each scope with too many variables, especially the global scope, since things can quickly become too complicated, confusing, and prone to error. the more things that are happening, the more likely something will break, fail, or two things will contradict one another. it's always important to stay on top of this. as i pay attention to the scope of my javascript, i sometimes feel that i must broaden the scope of how i am thinking about my life. it's easy to get caught up in the specific details and lose track of the big picture. or to forget the big picture exists altogether. i have a lot of trouble with this and need to get better at it. i feel that i am constantly in tunnel-vision mode. i do not really think too far ahead, i do not have a clear picture or goal for my future in mind. just completing my project, eat, sleep, work on project, work on art, commissions, repeat.

oftentimes, i forget to eat. i admit this is half-forgetting. since i try to save money. but at the same time, food is one of my only joys in life right now. i wish i was more articulate in writing this post, but my brain is screaming at me to eat something, and it's very distracting and difficult to formulate coherent thoughts. i need to eat, have coffee, maybe smoke a cigarette. that's what i'm gonna do now. till next time.

cool things i read/saw/played list (i'll add to this as i remember more)

for now, enjoy this cute picture. i don't know what it's from, probably a visual novel. i should find it and see if it's any good. i chose it because it's cute. enjoy.