hi im zoe or zoya welcome to the land of denpa catgirl. i am the catgirl. i draw stuff.

you see this here? this is my sona roachie. she can take 3 or more forms. pictured left is her catgirl form. she is in a maid outfit. on the right this is her in human form. you see she has these 2 ahoge that stick up like little antennas like naru from love hina. i never watched it but i vibe with her look. also sheska from fma, when you picture me in your mind imagine like her sort of except longer hair

basic info

• ALIASES: roachie, zoe, zoya, suzy, lillililly, suzoya, suzoya the maid
• 1997 - ????
• i have narcolepsy
• watch the anime kampfer i think the english dub is really funny trust me i swear

neocities stuff

database of full res pngs of all the commissioned work i have done since aug 2022 (needs updating but im like so tired its really hard but i promise it will be updated soon okay)
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donate to me because i am really hungry right now and could use some fucking soup or whatever


more basic info

• my name is Zoe, short for Zoya.
• i like heisei era Otaku culture, creepypasta, video games, and anime
• currently inspired by digipaint anime artstyle and the works of Q Hayashida, Yoshitoshi Abe, Ryoko Kui, Shuzo Oshimi, Bengus, Ryohei Fuke, and Koshi Rikdo, among others. currently savoring steins;gate 0 (i love the first anime, it's literally my favorite anime) and when i get through my commissions queue when i have more spare time i really want to get my hands on the actual game and play it. My heart melts for artstyles with a mixture of the markmaking of traditional art combined with digital tools and some styles that may be considered unconventional; there are things you can't do digitally that you can do traditionally and there are things you can do digitally that you can't do traditionally and i love using both media and this goes beyond utilitarian purposes and extends to aesthetics and i love finding art that uses both and strive to combine both in my artstyle, experimenting with both digital and traditional forms so that they compliment each other in new and pleasing ways.
• "Roachie" is my internet nickname and is the name of my fursona. She is a combination of a cockroach and a cat.
My Story
• i was a freeter until the corona virus outbreak began. then the place i worked at shut down and like any living creature, i was forced to adapt and make money with my art to stay afloat; currently i draw for a living because i enjoy it much more than dealing with the general public and it's literally the only thing that i'm competent at!

* * *

misc thoughts on stuff

~~~ thot numero 1 ~~~
• there are 3 main reasons i maintain a presence on the interwebs: 1) communication 2) brain and 3) sustenance.
* 1) communication • i use the internet to communicate with 99% of the people i interact with on a daily basis. this includes friends, clients, et cetera.
* 2) brain • i use the internet to expand my brain. entertainment is expanding knowledge and knowledge is entertainment, knowledge and wisdom is understanding the human condition and growing and being passionate about things. i come here to research the things i enjoy, that make life living worthwhile.
* 3) sustenance • as a fleshy bag of meat with a time limit of function that must maintain homeostasis, i must construct my personal little maslow's heirarchy of needs in order to maintain reasons 1 and 2. food, drink, shelter, sleep, etc all require money. to make money i must work. the thing i am good at is drawing. i use this skill to work and make money to eat and sleep and drink and live without falling apart. i use the internet to communicate with friends about things that makes my brain happy and work makes my brain happy so i find clients this way. see? all three tie together.

~~~ thot numero 2 ~~~
• i loathe corporate shilling/brands/etc etc. i dont really want to work for anyone at the moment unless they are a friend of mine. i intend to run my personal business as but a humble craftsperson not unlike a mesopotamian potter in order to support me and not much more than that. i do not have any big dreams but i have small ones. i just wanna feel anything before i'm done. leave me alone, i just wanna have control of my life, i just wanna get off, feel safe, and die, yknow?

webpage currently under construction. in the meantime, here's some links, burunya:

august 10th 2022 update

click here to visit my faq

august 4th 2022 update

going to add a few links down here as i continue to work on this website.

<click here to enter the "client portal">, basically this is sort of a sub-directory of my website that contains a folder for each of my clients, in which you may find full res commissioned work i did for them. because i have done hundreds of commissions, it would be a huge undertaking and would require a lot of time, so i am going to start hosting copies of art PNGs here going forward starting on aug 4 2022 and i shall try to update this as often as i am able.

click here to enter the "resources" portal - a place where i will store some artistic resources for my friends.

pics of roachie